• Arch of Galerius
    Arch of Galerius
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    Aristotelous Square
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    Idyllic seaside
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    Idyllic sunset
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  • Thessaloniki by night
    Thessaloniki by night
  • White Tower by night
    White Tower by night

Thessaloniki by the Russian journalist Julia Usachev Ten days at Thessaloniki and Mrs. Usachev felt in love with the city. The Greek tradition, youngsters dancing on the tables, the cafes full of people, and the expression used by Greeks "two young to die" referring to an old man 70 years of old, fully impressed the Russian journalist at her stay to the city. Moreover, she suggests her residents to try the Greek products: oil, olives, the special pheta and biological vegetables that can be found at duty free. The article includes an interview with the mayor of the city Υιanni Boutari.


Haim Shibi, journalist from Israel travelled back home after visited Thessaloniki and published an interesting article at the leading social network "The marker"He relays on the connections of Jewish people with the city of Thessaloniki. Additionally Mr Shibi, was impressed by the fact that despite of the painful crisis Greeks are still smiling and they are full of joy. The delicious restaurants and the noisy cafés may substitute Antalya -the city that Israelis prefer most to visit- with Thessaloniki.


Six journalists, lectors at universities and writers from Spain were invited by Thessaloniki Tourism Organisation and guided to the city’s attraction. With articles full of details for the city, all of them are suggesting Spanish people to travel to Thessaloniki. Among all the European capitals, Thessaloniki is the most attractive destination, due to its museums, ancient monuments, combined with its natural beauty.

Download this file (dossier_grecia.pdf)Dossier Grecia[ ]2728 Kb

The Bulgarian journalist Natalia Malcheva had visit Thessaloniki and wrote an interesting article at Standard the newspaper she is working for. There is reference about 4 and 5 star hotels in the city, that due to the economical crisis have special offers for tourists all over the world. In addition she was delighted by the Greek culinary.

A city of diverse beauty and hospitable people. Thessaloniki has always been a crossroad of civilizations, a place where the East and West meets, where great cultures and religions have been mixed. Gastronomy, events, world-class heritage sites, shopping are some of the things that visitors can indulge in.

Not to mention the distinctive student vibe that is an integral part of its charm as the city hosts country’s largest university campus, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The compact size of the city and the walking distance proximity of the top-attractions make Thessaloniki an ideal city-break destination.

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